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Doom Coalition 1 • Episode 1

The Eleven

82% 233 votes

Released Monday, October 12, 2015
Written by Matt Fitton
Runtime 56 minutes
Time Travel Future
Tropes: (Potential Spoilers!) Mission from the Time Lords Temporal grace
Inventory: (Potential Spoilers!) Sonic Screwdriver Mind Probe

The Eleven. A Time Lord whose previous personalities live on in his mind: arguing, plotting, jostling for supremacy... He is also Gallifrey's most dangerous criminal. And he has escaped.

The Doctor is recalled to his homeworld to lead the hunt. As they search the Capitol's corridors of power, the Academy halls and the cells of the highest security penitentiary, Liv realises the worst monsters may be among the Doctor's own people.

For inside his fractured mind, the Eleven has a plan. And its deadly consequences will extend through space and time...

Signal Strength: 80%

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