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A quick primer on how to use the site is a website for you to mark which Doctor Who stories and collectables you have completed and collected, as well as rate them, mark your favourites, and much more to come…

For now, please go ahead and mark which episodes you have completed. Many more features will soon be available to you once you’ve done this important step.

If you have lots to do, then try using the Bulk Complete Tool.

Completing, Favouriting, and Rating stories

One of the main features of the site is to mark which stories you have completed, favourite some of them, and give them a rating.

See below for more details. A quick tip is that if you’re going to rate something you don’t need to complete it first – it is implied that if you fave or rate something then you’ve completed it 🙂

Screenshot showing story actions. Click the box to mark as watched, click the heart to favourite it, and click the stars to give it a rating.
Screenshot showing story actions

Collectables – mark as owned, or save to Wishlist

With collectables it’s useful to keep a record of what you own, or save the items you want to get to your Wishlist. Here’s a diagram!

Screenshot showing collectable actions. Mark it as owned, or add to your Wishlist.
Screenshot showing collectable actions

The basics of Filtering

Many of the pages on the site contain filters that are powerful tools to find the stories you are interested in. The filters are on the left of the screen. See the image below for more information!

A screenshot showing filtering options - Search, toggle, and filter stories.
Screenshot showing filtering options

That’s it for now! I’m always adding new content and features. Check out the roadmap to see what is coming, or contact me if you have any ideas. Remember to try the Bulk Complete Tool to get started, and follow me on Mastodon and join the Discord and the forum for info about latest updates!

(To the Doctor) You know, you act like such a lonely man. But look at you. You’ve got the biggest family on Earth.”

— Sarah Jane Smith, Journey’s End

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