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TARDIS Guide is built with no ads and no creepy trackers, and we don't sell your information. To make ends meet we need members like you to pay a little each month to support the site. In return, we will give you exclusive benefits!

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Filter by completed, rated, and favourites

Filter ANY list of stories to show only the ones you've completed, favourited, or rated any star amounts!


Planning a rewatch? Or a relisten or reread? Mark an episode as "rewatched" and we'll keep track of where you're up to!

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Gain access to an exclusive Discord Channel where you can chat directly with the TARDIS Team, and get a special "Patron" role!

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Patron benefits:
In Development

Advanced Stats

Coming Soon

Show even more stats about the stories you've completed, rated, and favourited!

Time-Space Randomiser and Compare Stories improvements

Coming Soon

I have several Patron-only improvements planed for the Time-Space Randomiser and the Compare Stories tool

Limitless Export

Coming Soon

Export your stories with no limits!

Export all stories

Coming Soon Patron+ and Patron Gold only

Export every single story on the site, even ones you have not completed! Great for working on your own spreadsheet offline and then uploading later!

Big Finish Discount Alerts

Patron+ and Patron Gold only

This will be a big feature to create so it will only be for Patrons, but I plan to alert people when an item on their wishlist is discounted!

Profile decorations

Coming Soon

Decorate your profile, add avatar decorations and special cover images!

Sponsor a Story

Coming Soon

Sponsor your favourite story, I will prioritise filling in all info about it and making sure the transcript and quotes are perfect!

Sponsor a Dalek

Coming Soon

Just a bit of fun - sponsor a Dalek!

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