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Here are some useful tools that the TARDIS Guide has available to you, both for helping you complete your collections and for doing things with stories once you've collected them!

Bulk Complete Stories

So you've seen a LOT of Who, and don't want to wear your clicking finger down "completing" every episode? We've got you covered! Just answer a few questions and we'll bulk complete the stories for you!

Let's bulk complete stories now

Compare Stories with Friends

Are you looking for stories you and your friends have not seen yet? Books for your book club that no-one has read? Or favourite stories you both have in common? Compare stories with Friends!

Go Compare

Time-Space Randomiser


Ever feel like experiencing a completely random story of Doctor Who and its spin-offs? With our Time-Space Randomiser, you can be guided to a completely random (or not-so-random, as you can choose options!) episode to enjoy.

Let's Randomise

Export Stories

We believe your data is yours to keep and use as you wish! Export all the stories you've completed on TARDIS Guide!

Export today

Recommendation Engine

Coming Soon

Based on the stories you've seen, which ones you rate highly, and info from other users, we can recommend the next great adventure for your TARDIS to go on!

Big Finish Discount Alerts

Coming Soon?

I'm considering a feature to alert people when an item on their wishlist is discounted! But I need to see what the interest is before I launch it, please visit page and vote in the poll.

Vote in the poll