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Who is Mrs Flood?

Written by: shauny

8th February 2024 · 2 minute read

Warning: Spoilers for The Church on Ruby Road!

“Oh, Merry Christmas, Abdul. Stop making such a fuss. Never seen a TARDIS before?”

— Mrs Flood, The Church on Ruby Road
Mrs Flood

There’s a lot of speculation online about who Mrs. Flood could be, after her mid-credits scene where she revealed that she knew what the TARDIS was, and even had a little fourth-wall-breaking wink to the camera.

It’s The Rani!
Susan is has regenerated!?
Maybe it’s the new Missy?
It’s a future version of the Doctor!
A new look for River Song?

Quite why The Rani or The Master would be living next door to Ruby Sunday is another question, but there is one thing all these theories cannot explain.

When we first see Mrs. Flood, she is arguing with another neighbour (Abdul), blaming him for putting the big blue box in the middle of the street. No sly winks to the camera, and no reason to lie at the moment. So she doesn’t recognise it at first.

She even describes it as: “Police box. I haven’t seen one on the streets of London for 50 years, and don’t want to see one now.” – something anyone who used to live in London 50 years ago would be able to say.

Then later on, Mrs. Flood witnesses the TARDIS dematerialise. She is alone, and is so shocked that she drops her shopping. As she is alone, there is no reason for her to do this unless she is genuinely surprised to see it happen. So no, Mrs. Flood could not be any of the above Time Lords or any past companion, as they all have knowledge of the TARDIS.

Later on she sees it dematerialise again with The Doctor inside, and she speaks to him but doesn’t seem to recognise him either:

FLOOD: Busy man, sweetheart. You and your box of tricks. You look like you’ve lost a pound and found a sixpence. What’s wrong?

DOCTOR: Just wondering. Maybe I’m the bad luck.

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor

So who could it be?

My money is on a brand new character. Possibly a Time Lord, although again why would a Time Lord be living on Ruby Road? So perhaps she’s some other alien species, one who knows about Time Lords and their ships.

I still don’t know why an alien would be living next door to the Sundays. It would be a big coincidence. But then, the episode was all about coincidences wasn’t it?

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Written by: shauny