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A Doctor Who Christmas Guide

Written by: shauny

15th December 2023 (ratings updated live)

Looking to enjoy a Doctor Who Christmas this year? Here are a selection of top rated Christmas stories to enjoy with a mince pie & some mulled wine!

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Top Rated Christmas TV Episodes

Doctor Who Specials Tenth Doctor Specials • Christmas Special

The End of Time – Part 1

Average. Rating: 79%

Doctor Who Specials • Christmas Special

The Runaway Bride

Average. Rating: 75%

Doctor Who Specials • Christmas Special

A Christmas Carol

Average. Rating: 75%

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Top Rated Christmas Audio Dramas

Main Range

29. The Chimes of Midnight

Average. Rating: 84%

Main Range

27. The One Doctor

Average. Rating: 81%

The Eighth Doctor Adventures S4

1. Death in Blackpool

Average. Rating: 78%

Ravenous 2

2. Better Watch Out

Average. Rating: 74%

The Eighth Doctor Adventures S4

7. Relative Dimensions

Average. Rating: 72%

Everywhere and Anywhere

1. Spirit of the Season

Average. Rating: 72%

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Christmas Books

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Written by: shauny

I’m a big Doctor Who fan 😀 Creator of TARDIS Guide!