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DOCTOR: Something's very wrong.

SARAH: Doctor, I don't like it here.

DOCTOR: Something's going on contrary to the laws of the universe. I must find out what.

Pyramids of Mars

Lindy Pepper-Bean: I thought this was the worst day of my life, but maybe it's the best.

Ricky September: There are still thousands of people being eaten alive.

Lindy Pepper-Bean: Yeah, but...

Dot and Bubble

“73 yards. I have measured it 100 times. I've measured it a thousand times. It's 73 yards.”

— Ruby Sunday, 73 Yards

DOCTOR: Oh, yes! We are in Wales. Spectacular!

RUBY: How can you tell?

DOCTOR: Oh... That smell. That green. That coastline, Ruby. Oh, the rocks and the water, it never ends. The war between the land and the sea.

73 Yards

KATE: Well, we're the Unified Intelligence Taskforce, created to investigate the extraterrestrial and, more and more, the supernatural. Things seem to be turning that way these days.

RUBY: And you worked with the Doctor?

KATE: With him. Despite him. Against him, sometimes. And I adore him. I can only say that now he's not here.

73 Yards

“* (To Marti)* I'm sorry I took so long, because I think I'll only get one chance and I had to make sure I was right. But I wish I could have helped you. I'm so sorry.”

— Ruby Sunday, 73 Yards

ELIZABETH: Why do people put flowers here?

OLD RUBY: I don't think they know.

73 Yards

“That's what we do, all of us. We see something inexplicable and invent the rules to make it work. Mankind saw the sunrise and created God. Or we saw the arrival of a Sontaran, one or the other.”

— Kate Stewart, 73 Yards

“I can't think of a synonym for keeping your distance. I suppose, to coin a new word, in Latin, it would be semper distans. Always distant. She's semper distans to you.”

— , 73 Yards

KATE: We have a tradition of helping the Doctor's former companions, once they return to a... normal life.

RUBY: I was... I was hardly with him, really.

KATE: But it felt like a lifetime?

RUBY: Yeah.

73 Yards

RUBY: But it's taken me all this time to realise what I'm here to do.

RUFUS: Which is what?

RUBY: I'm going to save the world. See ya.

73 Yards

“Villengard. V for Villengard. Biggest weapons manufacturer in recorded history. Supplied all sides in all conflicts for the past two centuries in this sector. Had to deactivate one of these once at a lesbian gymkhana. Underwater. For a bet. Except it wasn't live and I wasn't standing on it. And I lost that bet. Sorry, wrong moment for this story.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

“A sad old man once told me, what survives of us is love.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

DOCTOR: We're all dead eventually. There's hardly any time that we're not dead. Which is a good thing, too. We've got to keep the pace up, otherwise nothing would get done. Dying defines us. Snow isn't snow until it falls.

RUBY: Snow...?

DOCTOR: Yeah, snow. We all melt away in the end, but something stays. Maybe the best part.


AMBULANCE: Leave a message at the tone.

VATER: Kiss-kiss.

AMBULANCE: Next of kin informed. The Villengard Corporation would like to extend its deepest condolences on your upcoming loss. Thoughts and prayers. Sharp scratch.


RUBY: Why does a land mine have lights on it?

DOCTOR: Oh, capitalism.

RUBY: Excuse me?

DOCTOR: Flashy lights play well in a showroom. Modern warfare. Death by salesman.


“Yeah, two minutes, no lingering. Plenty more universe to see and, quite frankly, your lifespan sucks.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

“Listen to me. However little is left of you, you are still a father. Dad to Dad... you never let them down, right? Ever. To the end, right? Dad to Dad, dust to dust. Am I right?”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

DOCTOR: If it goes wrong, you will be caught in the blast.

RUBY: Well, let's get it right, then.

DOCTOR: Ruby, I forbid this.

RUBY: Yeah, good luck with that.


“I'm a much bigger bang than you bargained for. I'm a lot more explosive than I look, and honey... I know how I look. Put a quantum chain reaction through me and I will shatter this silly little battlefield of yours into dust. All of it, in a heartbeat, into dust.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

“Great name, Mundy Flynn. You should marry Ruby. Then you'd be Mundy Sunday. Go on, get married, I'd laugh every day.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

DOCTOR: Ruby, if this doesn't work... You are brave and you are wonderful... and I forgive you for being incredibly stupid.

RUBY: Good, then.

DOCTOR: And if it does work, I'm going to be very cross at you for a very, very long time.

RUBY: Not that long, babes. You're standing on a landmine.


RUBY: Where are we?

DOCTOR: In the middle of a war.

RUBY: Oh. I was kind of hoping for a beach.

DOCTOR: Ah. What do you think this is?

RUBY: It's not a beach.

DOCTOR: Give it time. Everywhere's a beach eventually.


DOCTOR: Most armies would notice that they were fighting smoke and shadows, but not this lot, Ruby. You know why? Cos they have faith.

MUNDY: Shut up.

DOCTOR: Faith. The magic word that keeps you never having to think for yourself. Just surrender, Mundy. Just stop, and it's all over.

MUNDY: Prove it.

DOCTOR: What, seriously? Now you need proof, faith gyal?


SPLICE: Silly. He's not gone. He's just dead. He's not gone.

DOCTOR: That is right. That is exactly right. You keep the faith, Splice.

MUNDY: I thought you didn't like faith much, Doctor.

DOCTOR: Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I don't need it, Mundy.


“I went down to the beach and there she stood, dark and tall at the edge of the wood. "The sky's too big, I'm scared," I cried. She replied, "Young man, don't you know there's more to life than the moon and the President's wife?"”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

RUBY: Sorry, killed by an ambulance?

DOCTOR: Life is cheap, patients are expensive. The Villengard algorithm.

RUBY: The what?

DOCTOR: Villengard battle products are fitted with AI. The algorithm maintains a fighting force at just above the acceptable number of casualties. Keeps you fighting, keeps you dying, keeps you buying. The medical services optimise the casualty rate for continued conflict. War is business, and business is booming.


“What's wrong? Ruby, have you seen something? Oh. Oh, Ruby, I'm sorry, I forgot. Your first time on a new planet. It flips your stomach, doesn't it? A brand-new sky. We're on Kastarion 3, going by the rings next door. Decent enough. Seven out of ten. Good trees, great mountains. Rainbow crystal. Oh, wait until you see the dawn.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Boom

DOCTOR: Well, it's kind of hard to sum up. I think if I had a diary, it would be a little bit too exciting for words. I think I could write it with drums. Can you write a diary in drums? I bet I could.

DOCTOR: A-boom. Tap. Tap. Boom. Tap-tap. Boom. Tap. Tap. Boom. Tap-tap. Boom. Tap. Tap. Boom. Tap-tap.


DOCTOR: I am a higher-dimension lifeform. I am a complex Space/Time event.

MUNDY: I'm Anglican.