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“Bad luck. Ever since that day, it's never stopped. I've been hit, I've been thrown, I've been bumped. I fell off a boat on dry land. I've been in accidents, collisions. I've even been trampled by a moose! And I can't help thinking it all comes back to when I met you.”

— Davina McCall, The Church on Ruby Road
Davina, in a wheelchair, her leg is broken

FLOOD: Busy man, sweetheart. You and your box of tricks. You look like you've lost a pound and found a sixpence. What's wrong?

DOCTOR: Just wondering. Maybe I'm the bad luck.

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor

“We three queens of the sky up here in the attic.”

— Cherry Sunday, The Church on Ruby Road
Cherry Sunday in bed

RUBY: He went back. He said he went back. What did he mean, he went back? When was Houdini?

CARLA: What?

RUBY: When was Houdini? Houdini was, like, 1900s, 1920? How could he...? And then he spoke about time travellers and then he...

The Church on Ruby Road
Ruby Sunday, working it out

“This is a brand new science for me, and I love it. The language of luck. Cos what is a coincidence but a form of accident? Two things bumping together unexpectedly. Like you and me.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor, beaming, is tied to a mast with Ruby in the Goblin ship

RUBY: Wait, how did you do that?

DOCTOR: I spent a long, hot summer with Harry Houdini.

The Church on Ruby Road
Ruby tied to a mast, The Doctor has freed himself.

DOCTOR: You have got the biggest family in the world.

RUBY: I have. What about you?

DOCTOR: Er, I've got no one.

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor and Ruby

DOCTOR: I'm adopted.

RUBY: Are you?

DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah. I, er... I only found out recently.

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor

“We've got a baby, we can feast. We can dine three days at least. Baby blood and baby bones. Baby butter for the baby scones.”

— Goblins, The Church on Ruby Road
Goblin singers

“Oh! Pssh! They are not time travellers. Excuse me. Time travellers are great. Like the best. Like, wow. This lot just bimble.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor and Ruby, tied to a mast

“Oh, Merry Christmas, Abdul. Stop making such a fuss. Never seen a TARDIS before?”

— Mrs Flood, The Church on Ruby Road
Mrs Flood

RUBY: Who are you?

DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.

The Church on Ruby Road

“Merry Christmas, Davina McCall.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor, holding a Christmas tree

“Once upon a time, late on Christmas Eve, a stranger came to the church on Ruby Road. She carried in her arms the most precious gift of all. A newborn child. A baby girl. Just before midnight, she left her daughter on the steps of the church. The child was taken in, and they named her Ruby, after the place where she was found. As for the mother, she was never seen again. No one ever knew her name, until that night a time traveller came to call. A traveller known as the Doctor.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Church on Ruby Road

“I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just er... What I mean is... they phoned. From the TV show. When you were out this morning. But they didn't find anything. Just... No mum. No dad. No brothers or sisters. No cousins. Just... just... nothing.”

— Ruby Sunday, The Church on Ruby Road

“He can eat me. He makes me swoon.”

— Goblins, The Church on Ruby Road
A goblin, fanning themselves

“I've given up on that cuppa and opted for a life of abstinence.”

— Cherry Sunday, The Church on Ruby Road
Cherry Sunday in bed

DOCTOR: What the hell are you doing?!

RUBY: I'm... just... There's...

DOCTOR: But what did you do that for? Who sees a ladder and just pops on? A ladder in the sky and you thought, "Yeah, I'll give that a go, babes"?

RUBY: They've got the baby!

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor running along rooftops

“Okay. Name - the Doctor. Occupation - not a doctor. Current status - just passing by. Employer - myself. Address - that blue box over there. Now, if you don't mind, I just got snowmanned, and I would like to go home.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor and a policeman

“Health and safety. Gin and tonic division.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor in a club, showing Ruby the psychic paper

DOCTOR: It's not magic. It's a language. It's a different form of physics.

RUBY: Yes. Like magic.

The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor looking at the fridge and smiling

“Can't get a cup of tea round here for love nor money.”

— Cherry Sunday, The Church on Ruby Road

“Intelligent gloves. One each. Should work. Put it on. Cos I thought to myself, "What's the problem with hanging on?" It's all the friction and the weight and the burn, so I got rid of that. The glove's a kind of super-kinetic transfer of mass. Ah, that's better. The glove takes all my weight. All the weight is in the glove. So nothing burns. Nothing pulls. Nothing hurts. Ta-da!”

— Fifteenth Doctor, The Church on Ruby Road
The Doctor with his intelligent gloves

DOCTOR: I'd better go. Merry Christmas.

FLOOD: Who are you, anyway?

DOCTOR: No one. Just passing by.

FLOOD: Well, you take care.

The Church on Ruby Road
Mrs Flood

“Years ago, when we lost Sarah-Jane, it felt like the story was over. And it was. But there are always other stories to be told. There are always more wonders to see, more friendships to make, and more injustices to be fought. Like Sarah-Jane always said.. Life on Earth is an adventure too. And it’s an adventure that never ends.”

— Rani Chandra, The Ghost of Bannerman Road

LUKE: It’s just like old times, isn’t it? The three of us, in the attic of Bannerman Road.

CLYDE: Except there’s one thing missing.

LUKE: Mum. Sarah-Jane.

RANI: She’s still with us though, in spirit. I can still hear her voice sometimes, you know. “You go girl. Take on the world. Get to the truth. Don’t let anyone stand in your way”.

CLYDE: Rani takes on the world. I’ll tell you what- I don’t fancy the world’s chances much.

The Ghost of Bannerman Road

“You're going to be someone else. It doesn't matter who, because every single one of you is fantastic.”

— Melanie Bush, The Giggle
Mel, talking to the 14th Doctor as he regenerates.

“I have fallen in love with humanity. This world is the ultimate playground. All of the sport, the matches, the medals, the gambling and the anger and the children shackled to their bedrooms with their joysticks and their buttons. You make games out of bricks falling upon other bricks. You are exceptional. And then there are the mind games. Oh, the dating and ghosting, the deceit and the control. You make me dizzy. I am in no hurry to leave this place.”

— The Toymaker, The Giggle
The Toymaker, on the gun, talking.

14th Doctor: You're me.

15th Doctor: No, I'm me. I think I'm really, really me. Oh, ho-ho, I am completely me! Don't just stand there, push!

The Giggle
The 14 & 15th Doctor, bigenerating

DOCTOR: Donna!

DONNA: I'm already running!

The Giggle
Donna running from the Toymaker