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Track your progress through the Whoniverse with TARDIS Guide: Log, rate & review thousands of stories across TV, books, comics, and audio. Delve deeper into the stories with guides, transcripts, quotes and more. View statistics of your journey and compare with other members. Participate in clubs where we travel through time and space together. Where will you go next?

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Doctor Who, which has been broadcast for over 60 years, sees the Time Lord known as the Doctor travelling time and space in their TARDIS, a time machine which is bigger on the inside. Along the way they have met various companions who have joined them on the adventures, helping them in their battles against power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen and all manner of terrible foes from the dawn of time to the far, distant future!

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Track your progress through the expansive universe of Doctor Who and its spin-offs! A whole Whoniverse awaits:

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Join our growing community of Doctor Who fans, with lively discussions, a tv club, book club, comic club, and audio club!

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