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All of time and space. Everything that ever happened, or ever will.
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Track your progress through the Whoniverse

The Doctor has been travelling in the TARDIS since the 1960s, and you need a place to keep track of all his adventures.

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TARDIS Guide can help you, by providing a sortable, filterable list of every Doctor Who story (plus many collectables such as DVDs, CDs, books and toys), and then letting you track your progress, rate stories, and mark them as favourites.

All the while, seeing cool stats about your journey through the Whoniverse! Share your profile with your friends.

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Featuring TV episodes, books, audio dramas, toys & figures

Every Whoniverse story ever made is available on TARDIS Guide!

TV Stories   Books   Audio Dramas   Toys & Figures

Earn Achievements

Get fun achievements for rating groups of stories, for example every 10th Doctor story, or every one featuring River Song!

Create a wishlist

Keep track of which stories you want to watch/read/listen to! Create your own wishlist and even get notified when new stories are released.

Share your progress

Share your profile with detailed stats, and your friends can see where you are up to. Compete with friends on how many achievement points you can earn, and make your way up the leaderboard!

Featuring stories from the worlds of Doctor Who:

Classic Doctor Who

Modern Doctor Who


Sarah Jane

Target Novelisations

Big Finish

BBC Audios

...and more!?

A work in progress!

I have finished adding all stories, and am currently building some cool tools and features to play with them! I will also work on adding all Collectables to the site eventually!

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