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I have a LOT of content and features I want to add to the site. Below is a roadmap of what is to come, as well as a rough timeline. Please don’t hold me to anything though as it may change! ✨

Content to add

Content: Comics

We are currently adding comics – lots to add!

Content: Reference / Behind the Scenes

A whole new section of the site, I will be adding reference books and DVDs, behind the scenes content, etc.! I just need to figure out the best way to add it.

Features to add

Feature: Profile improvements

Tier lists, favourites, decorations, and more coming soon!

Feature: Time-Space Randomiser Improvements

The Randomiser is live! I have some extra features and improvements, including Patron-only special features, planned!

Feature: Recommendation Engine

Recommendations based on what you've already seen.

Feature: Lists

Create your own lists of stories or collectables

Feature: Daily Quiz

Random daily quiz each day to complete and compete.

Feature: Big Finish Discount Alert

Get alerted if an item on your Wishlist goes on sale. This will be a Patron-only feature.