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The Companion Chronicles S4 • Episode 1

The Drowned World

78% 291 votes

Released Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Written by Simon Guerrier
Narrated by Jean Marsh
Runtime 75 minutes
Locations Earth Ely England

Space Security Agent Sara Kingdom is dead, her ashes strewn on the planet Kembel. But, in an old house in Ely, Sara Kingdom lives on…

To the Elders of this ruined world, Sara is a ghost, a phantom that must be excised. She must prove her right to exist, and she does so with stories. Stories of a time when she travelled the universe with an ancient Doctor and his heroic companion Steven inside a magical space/time ship called the TARDIS.

And one story, in particular, could make a difference. The one about their trip to a world covered in water, where a human expedition is being wiped out. It’s a battle to survive, as the travellers face the horrors of the drowned world...

Signal Strength: 40%

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