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Doctor Who Season One • Episode 1

Space Babies

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RUBY: But hold on. I can't call you Doctor. No, I want to know your name.

DOCTOR: Yeah, that's er... that's tricky, because I was adopted, and the planet that took me in, they were kind of... they were kind of posh. They'd use titles like the Doctor, or the Bishop, or the Rani, or the Conquistador. Say Doctor for a thousand years and it becomes my name.

Space Babies

RUBY: Gallifrey? And where's that?

DOCTOR: Gone! Ruby, it's gone. It's gone. They died. There was a genocide, and they died. So the one that was adopted was the only one left. I am the last of the Time Lords. And I am so, so glad to be alive.

Space Babies

RUBY: Wait! No. Is it safe? What if I change history by stepping on a butterfly or summat?

DOCTOR: Well, that's not going to happen, is it? Who steps on butterflies? You'd literally have to be like, "Wait. Come 'ere, butterfly! "Come 'ere, 'ave it!"

Space Babies

RUBY: Hey, but you said the TARDIS was like a chameleon, but it still looks like a police box.

DOCTOR: Oh, it's, er... it's broken. Most of the universe is knackered, babes.

Space Babies

RUBY: Is that a monster?

DOCTOR: No. No, don't be silly, Ruby. There's no such thing as monsters, there's just... just creatures you haven't met yet.

Space Babies

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh, we're on a baby farm. Ha-ha! A parthenogenesis machine. What is it with you and babies?

RUBY: I was going to say the same thing to you.

DOCTOR: We've gone from baby to baby. I'm not saying things are connected, and yet... things connect.

Space Babies

RUBY: We made it. The human race, we survived. We went to the stars. And ten minutes ago, Doctor, just ten minutes ago, you said genocide. Your people are gone.


RUBY: How do you keep going?

DOCTOR: For days like this, Ruby Sunday. I don't have a people. I don't have a home. But I don't have a job, either. I don't have a boss, or taxes or rent or bills to pay. I don't have a purpose or a cause, or a mission, but I have... ..freedom. And so I keep moving on, to see the next thing, and the next, and the next. And sometimes... it looks even better through your eyes.

Space Babies

“Ha-ha! Space babies!”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Space Babies

POPPY: We're not meant to be like this. Did we grow up wrong?

DOCTOR: Oh, Poppy. Oh, Popsicle. Look at me. Look at me. Nobody grows up wrong. You are what you are, and that is magnificent.

Space Babies

“And do you want to know my secret? There's no one like me in the whole wide universe. No one like me exists, and that's true of everyone. It's not a problem, Captain Pops. It's a superpower.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Space Babies

RUBY: It's snowing. Okay, what just happened? I said snow, and we've got... ..snowflakes.

DOCTOR: It's like a memory just came through, from the day that you were born.

RUBY: But how? Is this the sort of thing that happens with time travel?

DOCTOR: I have been to the ends of time and back, and I have never seen anything like this before.

Space Babies

RUBY: Hang on. So the planet down below refused to stop the babies being born... but once they're born, they don't look after them?

JOCELYN: It's a very strange planet.

RUBY: It's not that strange.

Space Babies

DOCTOR: Oh, that's good. DuBarryDuPlessy is a starwide organisation. It means they can take in lots of refugees.

RUBY: Oh. Well, can't we call them for help?

JOCELYN: They don't go and fetch refugees. That's the fate of every refugee in the universe. You physically have to turn up on someone else's shore. And we can't move.

Space Babies

“Yeah, but I've met a million ugly bugs. I'm an ugly bug.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Space Babies

JOCELYN: I can't get a proper fix. I told you, these systems are a crock of... (the Nan-E filter turns on) ..waste products.

DOCTOR: Mind your language, Nan-E.

Space Babies

DOCTOR: Into the belly of the beast. Yeah, this stuff is slippy, Rubes. Be careful.

(She slips then gets dribbled on from a pipe outlet.)

RUBY: Oh. Ah. Oh, my God. Oh, this is disgusting. Don't call me Rubes!

Space Babies

RUBY: So that was a normal day for you, then?

DOCTOR: No, no. That was extra-special nuts. And you, Ruby Sunday, get this. Your very own TARDIS key.

RUBY: What for?

DOCTOR: I have the whole universe at my fingertips, and I'm all on my own. So I'd love it if you came with me.

Space Babies

“If you change one thing, a single snowflake, that could change your birth mother's story and then you would never meet me, none of this would ever happen, and we would fall into the deepest, darkest paradox. Ruby, trust me. I think that snow was a warning. I can't. And I won't.”

— Fifteenth Doctor, Space Babies

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