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The Companion Chronicles S1 • Episode 4

The Beautiful People

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Released Monday, February 19, 2007
Written by Jonathan Morris
Narrated by Lalla Ward
Runtime 60 minutes
Time Travel Future
Locations Vita Novus

Put all your worries behind you.

Situated in fifty acres of relaxing sculpted gardens, the Vita Novus Health Spa offers a sanctuary from the stresses and strains of 32nd-century life. Our exclusive programme of weight loss therapy is celebrated throughout the galaxy for its ease, simplicity and one-hundred-per-cent success rate. No matter how full-figured you may be, we can make you slimmer, healthier - and happier.

In fact, you will leave Vita Novus feeling like an entirely new person. And that's guaranteed.

We cater for all endoskeletal carbon-based life-forms. All major credit cards accepted. Parties welcome.

Signal Strength: 40%

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