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Review of Changes Everything by Speechless

5 June 2024

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us #1.1 - "Changes Everything" by James Goss

Torchwood has always been a series I've had a soft spot for, even through its rocky spells, I've always felt it was bursting with potential. Thankfully, even past its end, our lord and saviours Big Finish decided to keep it going with a fifth series, this time on audio. Acting as a soft reboot of the show, the cleverly titled Changes Everything kicks of Series Five with a decent story that basically remakes its namesake: Everything Changes.

Tyler Steele nearly got killed yesterday. A reporter investigating the many hate crimes that have sprung up across Cardiff, he was nearly blown up trying to meet with a contact, and he was saved by Gwen Cooper and a rebuilt Torchwood Three. Offered a new job in a new world, will Tyler take the deal, or lose his chance?


Changes Everything is, lets be honest, nothing special. It's basically a remake of the already pretty barebones Everything Changes but instead of introducing Gwen, it introduces Tyler. Because of that, the main focus for this episode like these will mostly just be character and luckily, that is fantastic here. Tyler is arrogant but likable and full of potential, this is my first exposure to Mr. Colchester and already I love him and, like always, Gwen and Jack are both a joy. This episode hasn't a lot going on but it also seems to have basically everything we need for a pilot: a decent amount of action, set up for later characters and plot threads, just enough exposition to not be boring but get the point across. There just isn't much to say, this episode is entirely set up, just like Everything Changes, which it, again, is basically a remake of. Although, I did like the subversion of expectations with Tyler not being admitted into Torchwood at the end.

The negatives mostly consist of plot related things, barely anything happens in it. It's mostly just following Tyler walk around Cardiff running into Jack and Co and then some alien fighting near the end. The antagonist for this story is also pretty lackluster, a character introduced in the last ten minutes who does some generic evil stuff and turns out to be an alien. I know it's set up for later plot threads but the thing is that's all this episode is, it's pretty bare bones.

Not exactly the most impressive story of all time but it was perfectly serviceable as an introduction to The Story Continues and it did some good stuff with the characters, even if it sacrificed its plot for set up.


+ Tyler seems like a really promising character with some interesting motivations
+ Torchwood Three are all really enjoyable to be around, especially Mr. Colchester
+ Really liked the ending, with Tyler not getting into Torchwood unlike Everything Changes

- Too caught up on trying to set up the season to work on its own story
- Too bare bones to really satiate the listener
- The antagonist wasn't incredibly threatening

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us | Ranked
1. Changes Everything by James Goss - 8/10

Overall - 8.0/10

Review created on 5-06-24