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Seventh Doctor

Originally a man with the demeanour of an eccentric, light-hearted buffoon, the Seventh Doctor darkened into a mysterious, cunning manipulator to combat Fenric’s return.

Though he delighted in humorous reverie, it was only the surface layer of his true nature. Beneath, he was a Machiavellian and sombre genius of frightful calibre who could tactfully use his mind to manipulate almost any situation into reaching his favoured outcome.

Despite this, every action he did “for the greater good”, as this incarnation actively sought out evil to vanquish. He could also show profound warmth and affection to his companions, and built a strong bond with many of them.

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Classic Who S24 • Serial 1 · (4 episodes)

1. Time and the Rani

Average. Rating: 52%

Classic Who S24 • Serial 2 · (4 episodes)

2. Paradise Towers

Average. Rating: 64%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

39. A Cold Day in Hell!

Average. Rating: 30%

Classic Who S24 • Serial 3 · (3 episodes)

3. Delta and the Bannermen

Average. Rating: 58%

Classic Who S24 • Serial 4 · (3 episodes)

4. Dragonfire

Average. Rating: 60%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

40. Redemption!

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

41. The Crossroads of Time

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

42. Claws of the Klathi!

Target Collection

Time and the Rani

Average. Rating: 49%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

43. Culture Shock!

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

44. Keepsake

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

45. Planet of the Dead

Classic Who S25 • Serial 1 · (4 episodes)

1. Remembrance of the Daleks

Average. Rating: 83%

Classic Who S25 • Serial 2 · (3 episodes)

2. The Happiness Patrol

Average. Rating: 70%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

46. Echoes of the Mogor

Classic Who S25 • Serial 3 · (3 episodes)

3. Silver Nemesis

Average. Rating: 60%

Target Collection

Paradise Towers

Average. Rating: 63%

Classic Who S25 • Serial 4 · (4 episodes)

4. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Average. Rating: 75%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

47. Time and Tide

Target Collection

Delta and the Bannermen

Average. Rating: 54%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

48. Follow That TARDIS!

Target Collection


Average. Rating: 63%

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

49. Invaders from Gantac!

Doctor Who Magazine Comics

50. Nemesis of the Daleks

Classic Who S26 • Serial 1 · (4 episodes)

1. Battlefield

Average. Rating: 68%

Classic Who S26 • Serial 2 · (3 episodes)

2. Ghost Light

Average. Rating: 76%

The Incredible Hulk Presents

Once in a Lifetime

The Incredible Hulk Presents

Hunger from the Ends of Time!

Classic Who S26 • Serial 3 · (4 episodes)

3. The Curse of Fenric

Average. Rating: 78%

The Incredible Hulk Presents

War World!